13 Best And Cheapest Online Colleges

 Since the days of receiving correspondence courses through the U.S. mail service throughout the 19th century, distance learning has advanced significantly. Today's technology enables students to complete their degrees online from anywhere on the globe. Affordable online college programmes are mushrooming as more students choose distant postsecondary choices, offering an alternative to the conventional university experience.

The cost of attending a university or college is typically a consideration when college students are seeking great educational opportunities. Community colleges are frequently viewed as a cheap choice by students who are pursuing a two-year degree or who want to transfer credits. It normally takes a lot of research to find or look for inexpensive online courses. Although four-year online school tuition is not inexpensive, it is far less than what you would spend at a traditional university. As a start, because there are no costs associated with maintaining school facilities, hiring faculty, or paying staff, online degree programmes need less financial input from the student. There are absolutely no costs associated with travelling! The cost of a credit hour of instruction at online colleges normally varies from $100 to $500.

Each programme receives an individual evaluation. Then, it is contrasted with all other institutions that provide that degree. To determine the final score, this is done. Each ranking includes the final scores. Prospective students have a wide selection of online degree programmes to pick from. Which among the cheapest online universities is the best fit for you?

13  Mid-America Christian University 

Undergraduate, graduate and certificate programmes are offered by MACU. They represent a variety of academic fields. You may, for instance, study therapy for substance misuse and addiction. Studying business leadership is another option. A curriculum and teaching option are also available. In keeping with its Christian ethos, MACU also offers courses in worship and ministry. Undergraduate online students at MACU pay $408 for each lower-division credit hour. Higher education courses cost $478 per credit hour. However, regardless of level, students who major in Christian Ministries pay a reduced fee of $395 per credit hour. That's what you anticipate from a low-cost online university! At MACU, non-traditional students can also choose to take weeknight classes. These courses occur just one evening per week.

12 Valdosta State University

The campus of Valdosta State University is flawless. On-campus students may admire the palm palms that sway beneath the beautiful Georgia sky. No matter how far you reside from this southern campus, though, you may still join the Blazers.
Online bachelor's and master's degrees are available at VSU. Both are inexpensive and do not charge out-of-state tuition. Undergraduates who study online pay only $202 per credit hour here. However, there are ways for these online students to spend even less on their education. Online general education courses offered by eCore are available to VSU students for the first two years of their study. The University System of Georgia offers these courses. Just $159 per credit hour is required for this lower-category course.
Numerous bachelor's degree programmes are offered online at VSU. For those who like remote learning and enjoy languages, VSU is a great option. A Bachelor of Arts degree is available in French or Spanish. A Master of Arts in Teaching in English to Speakers of Other Languages or Foreign Language Education is available to educators. View VSU's online degree options!

11. University of the Cumberlands

Turning the tide against rising tuition is the University of the Cumberlands.
It launched the Cumberlands Commitment in 2018. This cut the undergraduate tuition fees in half. Students today just pay $199 per credit hour. Christian education is taught at UC. It is situated in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. More than 15,000 students from different countries attend this university. Approximately 86% of them are graduate students.
UC provides executive-format programmes in business and IT in addition to completely online degrees. These combine on-campus weekend intensives with online instruction. This is the ideal time for networking. Here, online students can pursue degrees at different academic levels. This ranges from associate to doctorate degrees.
The mission of this institution is one of faith. Programs in ministry and religious studies are so accessible. For students interested in counselling, psychology, and social and behavioural sciences, UC provides a wide range of programmes to choose from. At the University of the Cumberlands, you may discover the online course that suits your needs.

10 Marshall University 

Making new professional relationships may be the key to opening up new employment chances. Marshall University has had a lot of time to develop its network since it was founded in 1837. More than 91,000 graduates exist today.

Numerous bachelor's and master's degree programmes are offered online by this West Virginia university. It has a reputable Master of Science in Criminal Justice programme. U.S. News & World Report rates it as one of the finest in its category. Math, geography, and new media studies are among the additional fields of study.
The Regents Bachelor of Arts degree is one of Marshall's options for online undergraduate students. This is a flexible curriculum created for college-bound students who dropped out.
Four years or more have passed since any failed grades were "forgiven." As a result, they are not taken into account when calculating the student's final grade point average.
The best part is that you may enrol in undergraduate online courses at Marshall for about $303 per credit hour. Fees are included here! 

Georgia Southwestern State University 

Business programmes frequently cost more than other programmes. At Georgia Southwestern State University, however, it is not the case. This university provides an online Master of Business Administration that is incredibly inexpensive. The cost per credit hour is just $257.
The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business has also accredited GSW. A business associate's degree can be earned online at GSW's School of Business Administration. A Bachelor of Business Administration is also offered. There are three specialties for the BBA.Accounting, management, and human resource administration
Other online courses concentrate on computer information systems, nursing, and criminal justice.
The little Georgian town of Americus is the home of GSW. On campus, there is an 18-hole golf course. Additionally, because to this school's affordable tuition, students can enrol in other clubs. Online undergrads are charged $182 for each credit hour. Look into GSW's online degree programme.

8.University of Maine at Fort Kent 

Have you got French? If "oui," then you could be a fantastic fit for the University of Maine at Fort Kent! This college is located close to Quebec, Canada's northern border with Maine. Quebec's official language is French. As a result, you'll see that this university's logo has both French and English. This is a result of its distinctive position.
UMFK not only spans two nations, but also has a beautiful campus. The area outside of the school is active. However, you are not required to go on campus. Eight programmes at UMFK are entirely online. Associate's and bachelor's degrees fall under this category. These include subject areas such as:cybersecurity, nursing, and accounting
Students also have the choice to modify their courses. Students can obtain an Associate of Arts in General Studies, for instance. Or, students might pursue a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences that they create themselves. The best part is that in-state residents only pay $245 in undergraduate tuition.

7. Fort Hays State University 

How well former students score on tests with a focus on the business is frequently a sign of a strong education. Top rankings may be found at Fort Hays State University in various academic fields.
For instance, graduates of its Bachelor of Science in Nursing programme boasted a 100% National Council Licensure Exam pass record. Additionally highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report is FHSU. When it comes to the Best Online Bachelor's Programs, it comes in at number 42. The Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs list has it at No. 35.
More than 45% of FHSU students take classes online. With online tuition costs this cheap, it's not difficult to understand why. Around $218 is what undergraduates spend each credit hour. Graduates shell out about $287.
Online associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree programmes are available at Fort Hays. It also offers an online doctoral degree in nursing practise. There are 60 bachelor's degree programmes available for undergraduates to select from. These degrees include those in finance, education, modern languages, and computer science.
Visit the FHSU online degree programme now!

Bellevue University 

Omaha, Nebraska-based Bellevue University is a campus that welcomes service members. It offers active-duty service personnel and their spouses tuition that is reasonably priced at $250 for each credit hour. As a result, it is the least priced online institution you should think about.
All undergraduates at this private, not-for-profit institution can benefit from the affordable tuition rates. Students at Bellevue are required to enrol in courses from the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. This aims to emphasise the value of engaged citizenry in the United States.
Online doctorate, master's, and undergraduate degree programmes are available from Bellevue. Through its more than 50 online undergraduate programmes, this college offers versatility. Majors available include:
Cybersecurity, international business administration, and sports management
There are also a lot of additional choices. Online classes at Bellevue are same like those on-campus. 24 maximum pupils per class. This enables teachers to provide direct feedback to students.
Participants in the programme also join a cohort of similar-aged pupils. These pupils go along with their coursework at the same rate. Additionally, there are several readily available support options online, including tutoring and writing aid.

Western Governor’s University

 A group of American governors who wanted to open up higher education to a larger audience founded this institution in Alabama. Why? They understood that wealthier states would result from higher levels of education.
Since its inception, WGU has grown to include four colleges. Information technology, commerce, health professions, and education are among the colleges represented here.
Online bachelor's and master's degrees are available from each college. WGU operates under a competency-based learning methodology. This enables students to take advantage of prior learning to go through courses that cover content they are already familiar with more rapidly.
Western Governors University has a fixed tuition fee, much like the other institutions on this list. This enables diligent students to increase their savings. At WGU, you'll spend less overall for your degree if you enrol in more classes. The cost of tuition for students at WGU is $3,255 for each six-month semester. This payment strategy has been effective. According to data from WGU, its students' student loan debt in 2017 was less than half the national average. Check out WGU, one of the less expensive online universities!

It's never too late to start classes again! For senior students who desire to accomplish precisely that, Thomas Edison State University was created. At this public university, students are 35 years old on average.
TESU enrollees have the option of paying per credit. A flat-rate tuition is an additional option. The latter will ultimately cost less if you can enrol in ten or more credits every term.
The cost per credit for residents of New Jersey is $399. An in-state student can save up to $3,219 by enrolling in 18 credits during a term and paying a flat-rate tuition of $3,963!
The bottom line is that you'll spend less overall the more time you can commit to your education at TESU.
Associate degrees to doctoral degrees are available online through TESU. There are opportunities for studies in business, engineering, and nursing.

University of the People 

The University of the People does not charge tuition to its students. Undergraduates only pay an assessment charge of $100. Graduate students will pay $200 for the course. After each course is finished, fees are due.
Several scholarships are also provided by this university. These scholarships pay the low expenses mentioned above. No tuition helps if you're seeking for the lowest online universities, for sure! It really tops the list for the least expensive online college per credit hour.
So, how does this University function as a non-profit college? This university maintains affordable tuition fees through contributions and alliances with big corporations. Companies including Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Intel have donated. The University of the People was established in 2009 and fully believes in the value of higher education. Education advancement may lift entire communities out of poverty. There are 27,000 students at the university. One thousand of them are refugees.
Eight online programmes are available from the University of the People. Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degrees are included. These fit into four categories of study: Computer science, business administration, health science, and education
Online learners can also participate in the school's mentoring programme. You may then ask a business expert who is a member of the University of the People community for career and life guidance.

2. National University 

Veterans and present military personnel can almost receive a free education at NU because it is a Yellow Ribbon institution. But affordable tuition benefits all students. The cost of undergraduate tuition is only $370 each quarter unit. This is undoubtedly a cheap online university!
Both online and traditional classes are offered at National University. For in-person classes, the university operates a campus in San Diego. Numerous military bases also provide in-person training.
The length of each semester at National University is four weeks. Students may focus on one subject at a time because to the shortened time frame. This can thus be advantageous for students who have obligations to their families and employers.
You can find here: Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees are all acceptable.
There are eight research areas. These territories consist of: Criminal justice, engineering, and healthcare
Students looking to improve their communication abilities can also obtain English Language Learning certifications from its Language Institute.

1.American Public University

All students at American Public University enjoy low tuition costs. However, because of this institution's long history of support for the U.S. military, APU offers a special discount to active-duty personnel. For each undergraduate or graduate credit hour, these students only pay $250. Additionally, there are no technology expenses and no textbook costs. This can be the best option for you if you're seeking for the least expensive online universities.
An ex-Marine Corps commander started APU in 1991. 80% of the school's students now are veterans and active duty military.
All of APU's online degree programmes are available in eight- or sixteen-week courses because mobility is a hallmark of the armed forces.Courses begin each month. Instead of using a conventional semester timetable, this is used. Financial assistance is offered. You can find aid here, including veteran's benefits, workplace benefits, and military tuition assistance. All academic levels of degrees are available at APU. Associate of Arts in General Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Management, and Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences are some of APU's most well-liked programmes.

If you want to work as a nurse, for instance, you should enrol in a programme that will provide you the skills and information you'll need. You should seek for teachers who have in-depth knowledge of this material. This can be ensured by enrolling in a programme with CCNE accreditation. This accreditation demonstrates that the educational requirements of your selected programme have been reviewed and approved by a neutral third party.
Accreditation is crucial for many reasons than just your academic success. Employers will want to see proof that you graduated from a reputable university.
You must have graduated from a recognised college in order to get some state licences, such as those required to work as a public school teacher or as a Certified Public Accountant.