A man was arrested for using a Durban doctor's information to sell false medical certificates at an internet café for R150.

Christopher Tsatsawane, head of corporate affairs for the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA), revealed on Wednesday that Dr FI Suliman, a registered practitioner working in KwaMashu, had received a tip that his information was being used in fraudulent activities, including the issuance of medical certificates in his name.

Tsatsawane said that the site of the unlawful medical certificate sale, an internet café, was disclosed to the HPCSA Inspectorate Office in coordination with the Metro police.

Using the information of registered practitioners, including Dr NP Ngubane, Dr NM Patel, and Dr FI Suliman, the suspect was discovered selling medical certifications to public members for R150 each, the official reported.

According to Tsatsawane, the metro police detained the suspect for violating section 39 of the Health Professions Act (56 of 1974) and seized the suspect's laptop and tower. He stated that the suspect had been charged and would show up in court.

The HPCSA is calling on businesses to pay attention to the medical certifications that their employees submit and, in cases of doubt, to confirm the validity of such medical certificates with the HPCSA, according to Tsatsawane.

Tsatsawane stated that the HPCSA is still working to safeguard the general public and mentor practitioners.

He added they were "working with other state agencies to ensure that individuals who pose as registered practitioners are brought to book."