The Future of Cloud Gaming Will Include Handheld Devices, But For Whom?


In the past few years, cloud gaming has been trying to carve out a niche for itself. Granted, given Google's recent declaration that it would shut down its ambitious Stadia game-streaming service early next year, it is in a bit of a strange position right now. The idea and feasibility of cloud gaming, however, was not one of the numerous reasons Stadia failed. The option to instantaneously play and stream one of those blockbuster games, on just about any screen with a WiFi connection, is more and more alluring as games get larger and occupy more space on your console or PC's internal storage. And even without Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Sony PS Now, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna—which together have tens of millions of registered users—are all still standing and progressing.

We're already witnessing the beginnings of a wave of handhelds specifically designed for cloud gaming that will undoubtedly have a future. The first is the $349.99 Logitech G Cloud, which goes on sale on October 18.

The G Cloud, which has a 7-inch screen and slightly larger dimensions than a Nintendo Switch, is an intriguing device, but it also seems unnecessary given that one of the main selling points of that technology is that you can use your current laptop, smart TV, tablet, smartphone, or other device to play without purchasing a console for between $250 and $550.

Derek Perez, the head of communications at Logitech, told IGN that G CLOUD "shifts the gaming landscape by putting the best of cloud gaming, including superior visuals and libraries of blockbuster titles, in gamers' hands, liberating them to play what they want, where they want." "G Cloud provides you that peaceful, immersive experience if you are a subscriber to cloud gaming or contemplating cloud gaming, and you want to be able to'retreat' to your own place to play your favourite games for extended periods of time," Perez added.