The HUAWEI nova Y90 is evidence that inexpensive smartphones can be excellent.

People would have high expectations for smartphones in 2022. Nowadays, people use their phones for more than simply making calls, sending messages, and accessing the internet and social media. Many users, especially young ones, anticipate that their phones will have several uses.

They also frequently utilise cell phones as their primary camera for daily activities. They require a big, impressive spectacle above all else, but that is not the end of it.

An effective smartphone also has SuperCharge features including clever built-in charging management, a long-lasting battery, and enough storage. This may seem like a lot to expect of a basic smartphone, don't you think? Well, Huawei has shocked everyone by including the most recent HUAWEI nova Y90.

There is a reason why phone screens are growing larger and larger. You can view films, play games, and communicate with fewer errors on a larger screen. The gorgeous and sizable 6.7-inch HUAWEI Edgeless FullView Display that comes with the new HUAWEI nova Y90 allows you to see everything larger and more clearly.

The screen aesthetic is elegant and timeless, with flat edges, a slight notch, and ultra-narrow bezels that are only 1.05mm wide. The gadget provides you with a richer, more immersive visual experience thanks to its high screen-to-body ratio of 94%. The phone's 270Hz touch sampling rate and 90Hz display refresh rate also give consumers a fluid experience. The smartphone provides a quick and fluid experience whether surfing websites or playing mobile games. Even additional smart functions for eye protection have been included in the new HUAWEI nova Y90. To make it easier on the eyes, the screen's brightness is automatically adjusted according to the amount of ambient light. Additionally, the user's preferences for light intensity are recorded and generated via the smooth screen dimming control function based on usage patterns. The device also has an eye comfort mode and an e-book mode that optimise the display's colour temperature to simulate reading on paper, reducing eye fatigue and improving reading comfort.

The 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge is another incredible feature of the Huawei Nova Y90. In just 30 minutes, the smartphone may receive a 50% charge. You may converse on the phone for up to 6.7 hours, view movies online for three hours, and even listen to music for up to 19.9 hours by plugging in the smartphone for only around 10 minutes.

In addition to charging the Huawei Nova Y90 quickly and effectively, it also does it in a way that is smart and secure for its users. The Huawei Nova Y90 can recognise the charging condition of the smartphone and intelligently control its charging capacity thanks to its built-in smart charging management. By doing this, it both safeguards and increases the HUAWEI nova Y90's battery life and makes sure the smartphone is perfectly in tune with its customers' charging routines.

The HUAWEI nova Y90's battery health assistance feature is another reason to smile. The HUAWEI nova Y90's useful feature, which consists of an integrated battery health monitoring system, enables it to automatically determine the device's battery health state and notify users of any abnormalities.

Observing the degree of consideration and care put into the HUAWEI nova Y90's safety protection mechanisms is very encouraging. The 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge is built to recognise non-standard charging connections and chargers, hence regulating battery temperature and voltage. It also has an eight-layer rapid charging safety prevention feature.

This offers consumers extra safety features, such as over-discharge and low-voltage protection, as well as charging over-current and high-current shutdown prevention, in addition to the HUAWEI nova Y90's 13-layer charging protection system.

With a big 5 000mAh battery, you may experience unmatched battery life. In other words, sit back, unwind, and take it easy while playing your most recent game, certain that your phone won't die on you. There is no need to be concerned about the chance of your enjoyment being interrupted whether you're getting ready for a day of travelling, relaxing at home while watching dramas, or just playing games.

The HUAWEI nova Y90's 128GB of huge storage makes it simple to save even enormous files on your smartphone. Up to 170 episodes of a drama series, 12,000 high-quality music, and more than 60 HD movies may all be stored with ease. Clearing phone caches won't be a problem if the internal storage is greater. You can store all of your priceless memories on your phone rather than having to erase old files to create room for new ones.

Featuring a 50MP AI Triple Camera system is the HUAWEI Nova Y90. Images captured with the 50MP camera that have been cropped or zoomed in will maintain their clear and natural picture quality with the aid of the High-Res Mode. The HUAWEI nova Y90 will ensure that all of your observations of the world and its beauty are captured, from the deep, jewel-like hues of flower petals to the morning dewdrops on the foliage. Additionally, the 2MP Depth Camera and 2MP Macro Camera will support your creativity by enabling you to photograph the world from a distinctive angle.

The photographs that capture those fleeting moments of beauty are frequently the greatest and most spectacular. Fortunately, people may record life's moments and all the vibrant actions they contain with the help of AI Snapshot. By automatically identifying different motion scenarios and sensing the amplitude of moving people and objects, AI Snapshot utilises its sophisticated algorithm to alter the shutter speed and instantaneously record rapid motion images.

The superb Super Night Mode on the HUAWEI nova Y90 will reassure anyone who has struggled to take nighttime photos. The new Super Night Mode creates nighttime images that are brilliant and crisp using the RAW multi-frame fusion method.

The Front and Rear Dual Video is available for individuals who enjoy watching videos. The HUAWEI nova Y90's Front and Rear Dual-view Video gives customers a two-way visual display that is ideal for live streaming events or creating vlog material, capitalising on social media trends. The Continuous Front/Rear Recording feature of our Front and Rear Dual-view Video allows for a smooth transition between the front and rear cameras.

The HUAWEI nova Y90 boasts well-designed features and functionalities if you're searching to buy a smartphone. The HUAWEI Nova Y90 has it all, including a FullView Display, the ease of a 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge, a very extended battery life, and an AI-powered camera.