Today's Wordle #488 solution: This is the Wordle response for October 20, 2022.

The new word of the day for today, October 20, 2022, is out in Wordle, the fun and well-liked word-guessing game.

The game, which is owned by the New York Times, challenges players to correctly predict a five-letter word in six tries. It informs players of the existence or absence of a letter or alphabet in the guessing game using colour-coded cues.

Usually, Wordle gives players a few attempts to predict popular five-letter words. Sometimes the game will throw a curveball, forcing players to seek unsuccessfully for the word.

Users of the Wordle game may post their results on social networking sites like Twitter and WhatsApp. The Northeast Now team is available to assist you if you need assistance with today's (October 20) Wordle 488 of the day.

We provide the solution so you won't lose this final opportunity. We don't want to dampen the thrill of playing the Wordle game.

Wordle 488 Hints And Solution Currently, October 20:

  • Wordle for today begins with the letter "D."
  • The answer to Wordle 488 begins with the letter "M."
  • In today's Wordle problem, there are no letters that are repeated.
  • In the Wordle 488 answer, there are two vowels: "E" and "I."
  • The day's correct response relates to a particular blue-colored thick fabric kind.